Karcher Puzzi 30/4 E Spray Extraction Machine


A no-compromise performance spray extraction cleaner intended for contract cleaners, interior decorators or municipalities, the hotel and catering trade & car dealers with large show rooms.

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Designed to be used with the full range of Karcher detergents, it also comes with a connection for the power brush PW 20 ideal for cleaning larger areas due to the higher basic output and higher area performance (up to 20 m2/h). Variable electric heating element thermostatically controlled for instant hot water up to 75o.


  • Performance: 130-40 m2/h
  • Air Flow Rate: 43 litres/s
  • Vaccum: 275/27.5 Mbar/kPa
  • Spray Rate: 3.0 Litres/min
  • Spraying Pressure/Ram Pressure: 3.0/5.0 bar
  • Fresh/Dirty Water Tank: 45/18 Litres
  • Fan: 1380 Watt
  • Pump: 230 Watt
  • Weight: 35.0/38.0kg
  • Dimensions: 820 x 530 x 690mm (LxWxH)

Standard Accessories:

  • 4.0m spray hose with integral water feed
  • Floor tool with bend and suction tube
  • Hand tool
  • Power socket for PW20