Window Vac


A pure pleasure. Simply clean with no drips. The latest generation of battery-powered Window Vac from Kärcher not only ensures streak-free clean windows, but also saves a lot of time and effort. The handy devices simply and reliably suck the water from the pane, after cleaning – with no dripping dirty water and no streaks.


Spray the window with detergent using the Kärcher spray bottle.


Then clean the surface using the microfibre wiper or a cloth.


Finish by vacuuming up the dirty water with the window vac, leaving the surface perfectly clean and dry.

Equipment and Accessories

The new Plus and Premium Window Vac sets provide you with everything you need for the entire cleaning process. Including the battery-powered window vac, spray bottle plus microfibre cloth and powerful window cleaner concentrate.

If you choose the Premium set you can also clean Georgian windows and narrow areas with the narrow vacuum nozzle.

Extension kit for high windows
The extension kit makes cleaning high windows a breeze. Fits both all Kärcher Window Vacs.

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Showing all 9 results